After earning widespread acclaim and swiftly selling out during its initial limited release, we are thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited general release of our collaborative beer, 'BOCK TO THE FUTURE'. This exceptional brew, which debuted to great fanfare at the prestigious 'Hood to Fuji 2023' brewery exchange event held in both Portland, Oregon, and Japan, will be available for purchase starting January 12th at 3:00 PM.
For our 2023 collaboration, we had the honor of partnering with the esteemed 'Hair of the Dog Brewing Company', an iconic fixture in Portland's renowned brewing scene. Drawing inspiration from Hair of the Dog's renowned portfolio of rich, high-alcohol beers, 'BOCK TO THE FUTURE' is a radiant Pale Bock exuding a delicate hop aroma, making it both invigorating and approachable. With its golden hue reminiscent of sun-kissed fields and a Lager-like flavor meticulously perfected through two months of aging, each sip promises an unforgettable experience.

Due to its robust malt profile, 'BOCK TO THE FUTURE' pairs exquisitely with culinary delights, enhancing the dining experience with every sip. From flavorful chicken salt hot pot adorned with aromatic herbs like garlic and chives to vibrant ethnic stir-fries infused with cumin and turmeric curry spices, the possibilities are endless. For dessert, indulge in spice-infused cookies or cakes delicately flavored with ginger and cardamom for a perfect finale.

Since its inception in 2018, 'Hood to Fuji' has served as a pinnacle event fostering collaboration between American and Japanese breweries. With each edition, breweries unite to craft innovative beers using carefully selected Portland ingredients, culminating in a celebration of cross-cultural creativity and craftsmanship. The event alternates between the United States and Japan, with 'Fuji to Hood' scheduled to take place in Oregon, USA, on July 20, 2024.

Founded in 1993 by Alan Sprints in Portland, Oregon, Hair of the Dog Brewery has solidified its status as a legendary institution in the city's vibrant brewing landscape. Renowned for its bold, high-alcohol brews such as barrel-aged beers and barleywines, the brewery has garnered acclaim for iconic creations like the barleywine 'DAVE' and the historic alt beer recreation 'ADAM'.
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