RISE & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store located in Kamikatsu-cho,
Tokushima was established with the mindset that the only way of get rid of waste is dispensing
withthe excess packaging and wrapping added to products during manufacturing, distributing and selling.
The Kamikatsu bulk store that used to sell by volume and deal with recycled products
has now been remodeled into a general store where you can learn about the environment for the future.
Our approach to architectural design as well as concepts like Locavore, utilizing doors,
windows and furniture dumped in the rubbish collection station,
utilizing "scrap" Yuko citrus peel from Kamikatsu to spice our craft beer,
and using returnable bottles that can be used again and again.
All of these things represent the creative spirit of our Kamikatsu project,
which is moved by the passion of the 3Rs: “Reduce”, “Reuse” and “Recycle”.



Our brewing facility produces craft beer to provide a chance to enjoy learning about the zero-waste program.
Peel from the "Yuko" citrus fruit, which would otherwise be discarded after squeezing the juice, is now reused to spice our beer.
The spent grain produced in the process of brewing our craft beer is reused for sweets and granola.
We are brewing tasty and unique craft beer in a real American way with Mr. Ryan Jones, a brewing director.



Ryan Jones, the brewing director at
Rise & Win Brewing Co., is from New York and
learned about brewing while working at a
craft brewery in New York. His grandfather
also worked in a New York brewery. Ryan is
very proud to try to follow in his grand-
father`s footsteps and wants to introduce the
rich world of tasty beer to people in Japan.



With each beer having it`s own unique characteristic, please enjoy them together with our BBQ.

  • bottle-IPA



    To ensure optimum quaffability, this IPA has a lower-than-average ABV. Less malt balance highlights hop bitterness and aroma. It`s also slightly spiced with coriander seeds.


  • bottle-LEUVEN WHITE



    Fruity beer flavored with "Yuko", a special citrus fruit from Kamikatsu . Yuko peels are used as a spice in the beer. Unfiltered, with live yeast in the beer.  

  • bottle-PALE ALE



    European and American hops used in this ale leave subtly spicy yet soft aftertaste. Pairs well with the natural sweetness of our pork ribs.  

  • bottle-PORTER STOUT



    Medium-bodied with a malt sweetness and a delicate hop finished. Roasted Naruto Kintoki is also used in this beer, adding a sweetness and aroma. Coffee is also used as a secret spice.


  • bottle-FREE ALE






At the tasting bar under the amazing patchwork window facade, our fresh craft beer is on draught. Also we have dishes that pair well with our beer, such as smoked sausages and homemade bacon.




Enjoy genuine BBQ in our garden with a beautiful view of Kamikatsu Town.




The old Kamikatsu store was reborn as a General Store .
In order to reduce waste from excess packaging or having to buy inconvenient amounts,
everything here is sold by weight.
Bring your favorite container and fill it with nuts, granola, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, or whatever you want in the amount you need.
Of course, craft beer is also sold by weight . Go ahead, enjoy shopping; it`ll lead to Zero Waste!


For the Zero-Waste principle, creators from many fields have embodied the 3Rs: “Reuse”, “Reduce” and “Recycle”. Recycling and reusing is creative and cool. This philosophy is presented in Kamikatsu style. We are also planning another project to provide an educational opportunity to create a more “sustainable" society and follow our "responsibility” to connect the culture of Kamikatsu and the Zero-Waste principle.

  • 廃材を利用した独創的な棚

    Very Original Shelf Made of Recycled Scrap Wood

    The uniquely shaped shelves and tables are all made of scrap wood from the Zero-Waste rubbish station in Kamikatsu town. The tables and other furniture, even a rice mill and farm tools, are used with each other to create interesting shelves and pieces.

  • 空きビンからできたシャンデリア

    Chandelier Assembled with Empty Glass Bottles

    We have bottle chandeliers in Tokyo TAPROOM as well as the GENERAL STORE in Kamikatsu. Empty glass bottles and chipped cups were processed one by one offering a brilliant decor.

  • 上勝産の木でできた外壁

    Outer Walls Built from trees Grown in Kamikatsu

    The outer walls of our brewery are made wood from trees grown in Kamikatsu. Wood waste from a lumber mill in the town were reused for the outer walls. Its unarranged appearance is rather charming.

  • 古いビルだったレンガ

    Bricks from Old Buildings

    Irregulars produced in processes of recycling brick waste from demolished old buildings in China are re-reused for the aisles. The unique texture is fascinating.

  • 鹿の皮、古着をリメイクしたユニフォーム

    Brewery Uniforms Made of Deer Skins and Used Clothes

    Dears and boars hunted as mammalian pests are mostly disposed. We are using their skins and antlers after they are processed. Also, we utilize used clothes brought as garbage to make into patchwork rugs and reusable shopping bags.

  • 新聞紙×活版印刷

    Newspapers × Typography

    We made bags and envelops from newspapers printed with typography. Every single item is handmade and thus unique and distinctive. Typography that is now rare in Japan, but it is still alive here.

  • BBQを上勝らしく

    BBQ in Kamikatsu Style

    We provide pork and chicken raised in Kamikatzu and gibier (game) as genuine BBQ dishes at our BBQ space. As a comm-unication medium and tool, we provide Kamikatsu`s original BBQ space to have fun with friends, meet new people, and the location and seasons of Kamikatsu.

  • noimage

    Mobile Sales of Beers in Kamikatsu Style

    For mobile beer sales, we remodeled an old bike. This is a collaboration project of Mr. Imase from WRAP and Mr. Nakamura from NAP under the direction of Mr. Nakamura from NAP.


237-2, Hirama, Masaki, Kamikatsu-cho, Katuura-gun, Tokushima

RISE & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store


Opening Hours:Wednesday - Sunday, National Holidays 11:00 - 17:00 (after 17:00 by appointment only)
We are open in the evening for 4 people~BBQ course only by prior reservation.


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About 2 hours and 30 mins from Osaka by car / 45mins from Tokushima city by car
Bus: Tokushima Awaodori Airport → Tokushima Station about 30 min. (440 yen)
   Tokushima Station→Yokosenishi about 62min. (840yen) [Tokushima Bus, Katsuura line bound for Yokosenishi]
Yokosenishi→Takahoko Shisho Mae: about 20 min. (400yen) [Kamikatsu Town-Run Bus] →3-min. walk
Train(JR): Tokushima Station→Minami Komatsushima Station about 17 min. (240 yen)→4-min. walk
→Bus(about 34 min 640 yen.): Komatushima Nokyo Mae →Yokosenishi [Tokushima Bus, Katsuura line bounnd for Yokosenishi]
→Bus[Kamikatsu Town-Run Bus] (about 20 min. (400 yen): Yokosenishi→Takahoko Shisho Mae→3-min. walk