RISE & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store located in Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima was established with the mindset that the only way of get rid of waste is dispensing withthe excess packaging and wrapping added to products during manufacturing, distributing and selling.
The Kamikatsu bulk store that used to sell by volume and deal with recycled products has now been remodeled into a general store where you can learn about the environment for the future.
Our approach to architectural design as well as concepts like Locavore, utilizing doors, windows and furniture dumped in the rubbish collection station, utilizing "scrap" Yuko citrus peel from Kamikatsu to spice our craft beer, and using returnable bottles that can be used again and again.
All of these things represent the creative spirit of our Kamikatsu project, which is moved by the passion of the 3Rs: “Reuse”, “Reduce” and “Recycle”.


We are brewing tasty and unique craft beer in a real American way.


At the tasting bar under the amazing patchwork window facade, our fresh craft beer is on draught. Also we have dishes that pair well with our beer, like venison sausage and bacon.


Enjoy genuine BBQ in our garden with a beautiful view of Kamikatsu Town.


The old Kamikatsu store was reborn as a General Store .
In order to reduce waste from excess packaging or having to buy inconvenient amounts,
everything here is sold by weight.
Bring your favorite container, we have everything from nuts and dried fruit to pasta and rice as well as seasoning; please pack and buy only the amount you actually need.
Of course, craft beer is also sold by weight . Go ahead, enjoy shopping; it`ll lead to Zero Waste!


For the Zero-Waste principle, creators from many fields have embodied the 3Rs: “Reuse”, “Reduce” and “Recycle”. Recycling and reusing is creative and cool.